The Leaving Trilogy:

A Personal Journey of Love, Sex, and Spiritual Growth

Zak left behind the baggage of his youth to develop his scultpure career. After his father's destructive choices pull him back into the old mess, Zak heads home to deal with family business. New paranormal experiences perplex him as he struggles to work through his past, get out of Evansville, and reclaim his life.

Searching for his true self without a plan leads Zak through love, sex, heartbreak, and a few successes during his five years in St. Louis. Something beyond himself calls...always.

Zak's new life in San Francisco is nothing like he imagined. When a challenging series of events lead to a cold, dark night of Soul, Zak is faced with the hard truth: He is as likely to end up in the morgue as he is to live his California dream.


Observations Of An Introspective Nature 

An Everyman’s Version Of 
The Road Less Traveled.


A Mad Romp Thru
The Inner Worlds


ARI book 1
An Epic Story Of
The Other Man


ARI book 2
conclusion of
An Epic Story Of
The Other Man

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